"That's HiLarryous"

Larry Greene is a comedian from St. Louis, MO. He travels extensively, performing at comedy clubs throughout the country, including the Funny Bone & the Kansas City Improv. His travels take him across the country, frequenting comedy scenes such as Denver, CO, and Austin, TX. Larry is the 2019 winner of Helium's "St. Louis Funniest" competition, the St. Louis Funny Bone 2019 champion, and has opened for many comics, including Paul Mooney and Michael Colyar.


Through comedy Larry shares his everyday life experiences with a contagious energy. His universal appeal and very particular "way with words" must be experienced in person.


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Upcoming Shows


Comedy Union


Los Angeles, CA

The Hilarious 7

11/2/19 | 9pm

Oyo Casino, Las Vegas, NV

Flyover Comedy Festival (JFL Showcase)

11/6/19 | 8pm

Helium Comedy Club St. Louis

Flyover Comedy Festival w/ Holly Lynnea

11/8/19 | 8pm

Atomic Cowboy, St. Louis, MO

Las Vegas Smokin' Comedy Showcase

11/13/19 | 8pm

Rollin Smokes, Las Vegas, NV

Laughs at Lit

11/20/19 | 11pm

Local Industry Tavern, Las Vegas, NV